''As the tears ran down Julianna's cheeks as we wrote on her skin, It was as if we were using a knife, not a soft felt pen. Our Makeup artist, Bree of Dead Gorgeous Hair & Makeup Styling had to stop at one point as the tears fell from her cheeks too.'' read more

This is a newspaper article from 1974 sharing how,

at 2 years old, Julianna beat the odds through surgery with her Congenital Heart Disease. 

The Powersuit God gave us and The Powersuit society gives us.

Sometimes it is easier for society to feel comfortable with 'our scars' by us covering up for them..

Real Comments from    Social Media

Julianna photographed with her partner, Salvatore Sottile.


Often my partner will see the bias towards me for my scars. The way you are attacked for something you cannot change..and yet are celebrated when you have to get tough about it...

As a man his view is clear, '' There are no warrior scars only a body that needs to be looked after and protected. Men need to step up and protect their women and other people need to learn how to appreciate life and what it takes for some people to have theirs."

For more information about CHD go to https://www.heartkids.org.au/