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August 21, 2017

I always try my best to look after my skin and body, but sometimes I think it is nice to go and treat yourself to some self-care, sit or lay down in a cosy warm chair and let the professionals work their magic. Am i right, ladies?

August 14, 2017

If you know me, then you will know that two things I love are coffee and animals. I couldn't turn down including this highly appropriate image combining them both! <----- So for all the other coffee lovers out there, read on... you're in the right place. The other week I was fortunate to meet up with John Ronchi, the Director of Campos Coffee. I must say... beautiful people, principles, cafe and COFFEE!

August 7, 2017

Do you ever feel like your world is constantly rushing by and you need a second (or hour) to just breathe and take everything in?

I think we all need and deserve time to ourselves regularly (in whatever way feels natural to you), to just stop... breathe... reset.  

I find stillness of my mind and body helps with Yoga. I've learnt that I don't always like to sit completely still in silence to meditate.. that doesn't work for me. But the Humming Puppy yoga studio did (and can for you too)... and here's why...

Be sure to read on to see how you can win a free voucher to attend one of the...

July 31, 2017

If you can relate to any or all of the following, then this will be a game changer in your life: I hate cooking... I simply don't have the time... I'm exhausted when I get home from work and am busy on my weekends... Planning healthy meals takes a lot of preparation and time... Eating clean and healthy is too expensive... Grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and meal planning for my family takes up a huge chunk of my day With my lifestyle, it is just easier to eat out but can cost me a lot of money

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