Julianna is  an Intuitive Profiler, Behavioural Expert and Media Personality who is the ‘go to’ person for media, public and corporate domains who are addressing changes and developments within their lives and businesses.

  Owners and Company Directors of Suranyi Fisher Enterprises Pty Ltd, Julianna Suranyi and Nicole Fisher currently work with a small team to deliver the results we do for our clients. We work with a select range of clients, and industry sectors, who seek our guidance in short media content in production, business strategy, personal direction, intuitive guidance, social media management, core branding and marketing, events and corporate profiling courses.  For more information on What I Do please click here.


   Julianna is a Co- founder and Director of Soul TV, Julianna has worked on River 94.9FM, 97.3FM, B105FM and 4BC as an intuitive profiler, was a published columnist in Bmag (circ 437,000, readership 1.1 mill print & online), provided yearly predictions for The Courier-Mail (readership 3.2 mill print & online) for New Year’s Day from 2010 to 2015 and has appeared on national TV shows across all free ta air stations; The Morning Show, The Circle, Today and Mornings with Kerri-Anne, in That’s Life, The Sunday Mail, The Courier-Mail And Brisbane News for her exceptional insights and skills.

   As a leading Australian Intuitive Profiler and Behavioral Expert, Julianna gives detailed insights about people’s behaviours, motivations and predicted outcomes.

More about Julianna
Professional since 18, for many years she was trained in intuitive profiling and her unique skills of philosopher and intuitive have been utilised by corporate, forensic, legal, government, waste management, building safety, property development, tourism, beauty industry, medical industry, recruitment agencies, finances and others.

Julianna has consults with clients from Dubai, Hong Kong, London through to China, Cayman Islands and the USA for over 20 years in her roles as a mentalist, corporate trainer and strategic consultant to CEOs and as a behavioural manager.

Julianna is the Director and CEO of Suranyi Holdings of which Cantara Global Australia and New Zealand is the trustee. Julianna’s role is to drive the development of business, of all sizes, into growth within the China and Korea content platforms of Cantara Global Holdings. Identifying client opportunities is her specialty.

Julianna’s Skill Base

  • Leading intuitive profiler

  • Media presenter comfortable on radio and television and at live events

  • Analyses person-to-person behaviour – relationships, friendships, body language

  • Advises corporate businesses, CEOs and staff on profiling techniques to maximize their business and their profits;

  • Guest Speaker at conferences, events and presents her own Live Shows

  • Provides insight into particular behaviour and why it has happened in any environment and expected behaviour utilising profiling knowledge

  • Provides techniques to shape behaviour in any person

  • Offers predictions on people’s behaviour using intuitive profiling ability including celebrity behaviour analysis and predictions.

Julianna is currently filming a pilot TV show based around her work with a major production company for the Global Market.


Read the detailed profiles of Julianna Suranyi and Nicole Fisher, the Company Directors of Suranyi Fisher Enterprises Pty Ltd, here

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