Animal Rescue

 Animal rescue is a significant part of my life.

I have volunteered as a rescue, and a forever foster, with several animal rescue organisations over many years.

My main focus has been on animals who have suffered severe neglect. As such they have high medical and emotional needs.

Below are our foster failures!!

Our role as foster, forever foster or foster failures, is to give these animals the best chance they have at life. It is not always easy. They come with a string of fears, post trauma and medical issues to manage. It is also compounded at times by the very rescues who you have helped with-turning their backs on them due to this high need ratio and costs involved.  As an animal communicator, I am honored to help and nurture these babies.

I would like to share some memories of some of the photos below;

The video is a particularly emotional one for us; Simy had been extremely neglected and abused. Part of this he was water tortured...which dog fight clubs do to try to make the dogs reactive with aggression from fear. It has taken us two long years to get Simy confident to even touch water..this was his first day ever playing in the water..look at the pure joy on his face...we are so proud of you Simy!!

Addison ( the little German Shepherd) is one of four siblings we rescued from a backyard breeder. Initially she was to be a medical foster. However, once her nutrition picked up it was obvious the severe neglect and abuse had taken a toll on her b the young age of 7 months old. Addison, aka Gigetta, has severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( as does her sister and brother) and as such, cannot be around strange or new things. She simply does not function well outside of the safety of her immediate pack and human family. She is the heart and soul of my life. She is such a giving and loving girl to our family..but just does not cope with the world well. 

The black Kelpie x is Ash. His entire world is my youngest son Dillon. His is not a rescue dog, but a life long partner of crime to my son!

The white German Shepherd is Bianca. Bianca was introduced to me by a friend who is a Vet who needed help to relocate her, and her tow siblings, to new homes after the Breeder was shut down. She is a true example of a balanced and highly intelligent German Shepherd. Her nature and nurturing instincts are loving and bossy! She is gentle and sensitive and loves being on the soccer field with kids!

Our cats consist of two permanent residents now; Monkey (black) and Chili (aka Little Shit)

Monkey was called monkey by the rescue as he kept trying to climb to get away from human contact. He had been kept in a cat carry cage and had not been out to be able to; eat, go to the toilet or move in over a year. He was terrified of large space and human contact. It took three months to get him to come out from under the sofa for both food and a pat. Now his a cuddle terrorist. He will sit on you and not let you get up when he wants hugs!He is the most loyal and beautiful boy. He has seen many rescue kittens come and go and never flinched...he is also the house boss and keeps every dog in line with a look, hiss and hit!

There have been many more over the years..too many to share but each who have left a paw print in the fabric of our lives.