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Campos Coffee with John Ronchi

I am...

​John Ronchi – Director of Campos Coffee QLD


Why (the business)?

​My business partner Eugene and I already had a café in Brisbane where we were using Campos Coffee. When the opportunity came up to open Campos Coffee in Brisbane we jumped at the chance.


How did you set it up?

​We opened 10 years ago this year at our original site in Fortitude valley. It was a much smaller operation then, with a few key staff and family members working with us.

How do you stay on track?

​As a company, we have a very clear idea about what we stand for, so everything we do revolves around the principle of ‘quality coffee cultivated by good’.


How to you maintain life/work balance?

​Good question! My wife Bianca works with me so it’s important we switch off when we get home. Being self-employed means you are ‘always on’ but I love what I do so I don’t mind.


Where to now?

There is still considerable growth happening in the coffee industry in Queensland. My role allows me to visit our producers, and as all our coffees are traceable, we know every farmer we buy from, and we keep in touch regularly via social media.

What's your motto?

 Have a good worth ethic and lead by example. You team needs to see that you are willing to pitch in. If that means mopping the floor so be it.

Four words to describe your life right now?

 Busy, Focused, Fulfilled, Exciting

Four words to describe your life in 7 years?

 Busy (I like being busy), Content, accomplished, content

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